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I have decided to name the kitten Penelope, or Penny, for short. But her full name shall be Penelope Etheridge Heskett. HAHA. Simba's is Simba King Heskett, because he was named after The Lion King, of course. ;) At first I wasn't sure that Penny really fit her, but I love Penelope for her. (Especially now that I've seen her play a bit.) So it shall be!

I picked her up yesterday, shortly after she was spayed, and she was super skittish and out of it. She even bit Hannah because she got scared in the car and jumped out of Hannah's lap. So we put her in her carrier, and she was much better. And she LOVES that carrier. Simba hates to go in it. But I put Penelope's bed in it, and she stays in there a lot. After I got her, I brought her home for a wee bit, then took her to the vet, where he tortured her. He put a thermometer up her butt and took blood from both her arms (to do a kitten leukemia test -- which was negative, YAY!) When we went home, she was still super skittish and didn't want to be handled or whatever. I was getting nervous that she was going to end up being a really skittish cat who hides under beds all day. Last night, in my room, she slept in her carrier and in a box that I jerry-rigged for her. She didn't make a peep all night, which was great, 'cause I got my sleep. Haha.

When I woke up this morning, I got her some wet food (which she loves) because the vet was concerned she wasn't eating enough. While she was eating, I pet her gently and talked to her, and she ended up eating all her wet food, plus some dry food. Then I left for work, and my mom checked on her throughout the day.

Now (after work) she is eating a lot of dry food (so yay for that!) and she's playing a little with the toys I bought her. She's coming to me a little and letting me pet her, but she still doesn't like to be held. And she keeps laying by my window in the sunlight and playing with my bedskirt and her toy. And chasing her own shadow, haha. (That bedskirt is so screwed. Mom will freak out, but I'll pay for a new one. Haha.) And she hasn't gone in her carrier since I came home, which is awesome, because I thought she might live in there if she was allowed. She keeps doing this really adorable thing where she meows without making a sound. Haha. It's so cute. And her actual meow is just a little pipsqueak noise. I love it. She hates sudden noises and sudden movements, but overall she is doing so well. I was so worried yesterday. I mean, she was still hungover from being spayed, but I wasn't sure if the scaredy cat business was going to be more permanent. Anyway. I'm super psyched.

Now I just have to get her healthy and recovered from surgery and then introduce her to Simba. She'll probably be okay, because she lived at the animal shelter. At the vet, the sound of dogs barking didn't even phase her. But Simba will shit a brick. He's already wondering what the fuck is up. Haha.

Now she's falling asleep in the sun. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


money money money

so, i've "technically" got a job, though it's not permanent. i am going to be a substitute teacher at two preschools. i am working tomorrow at one and i know the other school wants me on the 28th. i'll hopefully work in between that, but we'll see. i'm nervous, but i'm excited about getting my foot in the door.

i've been kind of lazing around the house since thanksgiving, because i haven't been working, and i'm going to miss it (even though i get bored frequently.) it's been nice to just chill out for a little while. unfortunately it cannot last... see next paragraph.

i'm not going to get paid for awhile and i am quickly running out of money, since you know, i haven't worked for two months. i've been trying to get a website up and running to sell my photographs, but it's not working too well. so i figured out another way, but it will only work for people who have access to my flickr account.

i don't think any of you will want to buy prints, but it doesn't hurt to try. the photographs i have for sale are here: http://flickr.com/photos/helloromeo/sets/72157610882258128/ -- i should be able to get prints of all of those. i always save the original-sized file, but some of the older ones may have gotten lost or whatever. they should all be alright, but you never know with me, haha. so anyway. if you want any of those, let me know.

i'm thinking that i'll sell 5x7's for $10 and 8x10's for $13. if you REALLY want a print and can't afford that, i might be able to bring the prices down some. i don't want to, obviously, but we can discuss it. you know, if anyone even wants any. haha. it's worth a shot!

oh, also... paypal would be awesome, but i've never sold anything before, so i don't know how to use it. i'm sure i can figure it out, but i won't blame you if you don't want to send money that way. you can always mail it to me or whatever. we can also discuss that if anyone is interested. yes. see... this is why a website is bad. i can't sell photographs to strangers if i have to negotiate all the terms first, haha.

ANYWAY. i am done. lol.
I did a fairly big friends cut. I cut between 20-25 people. There are a few of you who have been on my journal for a long time, so it was a hard decision to cut you. But basically, the reason why I did it is because I don't get on LiveJournal very much anymore. And sometimes when I go to post, I feel like I have to censor myself. I hate feeling like I have to do that. So I was trying to create a more intimate LJ environment.

Quite a few of you, though, don't update, and/or don't comment on my journal very often, so I didn't really feel like I had a relationship with you.

I apologize if I have offended anyone. I really hate doing these cuts, because it always makes me feel like a shitty person. Anyway... Sorry guys.
I did a friends cut. I haven't done one in a long time, and I was looking through the people who did not ask to be on the filter about the boy and the list was relatively small.

The majority of you that I cut:
-Rarely update
-Rarely/never comment on my journal
-I rarely/never comment on your journals
-I've never even really spoken to, but added you because we had something in common, like one television show.

So it's nothing personal, it's just... there's not really a point to us being LJ friends if there's no other communication than my username on your friends page and vice versa. Plus, I can be pretty personal in my journal and if we're not literally LJ friends then I don't really want you reading about my thoughts and life.

This is not to say that I cut everyone who did not ask to be on the filter. I just was looking through it and it prompted me to do the cut.

Now I'm off to study for a nutrition test. Whoopee.

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